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A cancer diagnosis can be difficult, heart-breaking and life changing. But there is hope that’s sparked in your heart knowing there are advanced treatment solutions locally at NICTC. 


When your doctor recommends radiation therapy, our goal is to offer the latest in advanced radiation technology, delivered in a welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment.



The Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center (NICTC) has been a blessing to persons with cancer and their families for over 30 years. CGH Medical Center and KSB Hospital along with community members made a strong commitment when the center was started, and they are reinstating that same level of commitment now. It’s vital that we keep the center’s technology up-to-date to offer the best possible treatment outcomes for patients. This allows our friends, family and neighbors to travel a short distance to our local center where a compassionate team of professionals know how to help them treat their cancer.


Our mission is simple, yet critical.


Renew our goal of bringing the latest advanced cancer treatment equipment to the Sauk Valley. It will take us all —individually and as a community to bring this advanced equipment and technology to NICTC.

My tip of the cap to NICTC! All of my dealings with the center were excellent.  I was always treated with compassion and care, and any concern that I expressed was acknowledged and addressed immediately. From the receptionist, to the technologists and Dr. Hatoum, everyone who works there is truly a professional. Cancer patients like myself are very fortunate and blessed to have such a quality facility so close to home."

Joe Martin

Note: Joe was referred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and the doctors there wanted him to return to Chicago daily for treatments. Joe suggested NICTC. When the specialists from Chicago researched the Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center, they realized the quality care of Dr. Hatoum and agreed with no concerns. 

why is there a need?

The NICTC team has worked diligently to harness the latest innovations in the fight against cancer in the Sauk Valley. After 12 years with the current Radiotherapy system, there is an urgent need to upgrade the technology to best serve our patients. That is why we are asking for your help by giving generously to our capital campaign to fund the advanced technology. This is groundbreaking technology, radically different from any other on the market.


  • It’s fast. Treatment time is a fraction of our current system. Averaging 10 minutes per treatment
    versus the current treatment time of 30 minutes.

  • It safely delivers higher doses
    of radiation to the specific area.


  • It gives our radiation oncologist
    more tools and flexibility to design
    individual treatment options for each person.


  • Will allow for treating more complex cancers locally.


The new system delivers radiation therapy techniques with a high level of accuracy. Then, in turn, ensuring that same accuracy for each consecutive treatment. This advanced system will enable NICTC to focus on patients and treatments rather than systems and technologies. And that is what makes it possible for us to deliver effective, comprehensive care.

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Our Fundraising Goal

$3 million

Our lives are all affected by

cancer in some way.

It’s time to Renew Hope by 

advancing cancer care and technology at the

Northern Illinois

Cancer Treatment Center.


Saleh Hatoum, MD
NICTC Radiation Oncologist

We know that of the Sauk Valley residents diagnosed with cancer, 50% of them will require radiation treatment. This technology will bring greater confidence to those struggling with the disease to stay near home.


Matthew Hefty, MD, FACS
KSB Hospital Representative

NICTC is an integral component of comprehensive cancer care to the citizens of the Sauk Valley community and beyond. It is my pleasure to serve on the board and ensure that each patient not only receives standard level of care but rather of the highest level achievable. Remaining current with industrial innovations will significantly impact abilities and allow us to achieve these goals.

Dr Young Song-2.jpg

Young Song, DO
CGH Urologist and
NICTC Board Member

Our anticipated campaign is ambitious and important. Each gift will make an immediate difference in the lives of patients and their families around the Sauk Valley. Together, we can make monumental strides to defy cancer that will have a ripple effect for generations to come. This campaign comes at a crucial time. Progress in oncology is advancing dramatically, yet the need is still great for innovations in research and care to help more cancer patients.


Dirk Meminger
NICTC Board President

Like so many people, cancer has impacted my family and friends.
This is why I’m honored to help bring innovative technology to this great community. I feel strongly that the people here deserve this level of cancer care.

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